The office buildings of the future are made of wood

In a post-pandemic world, the requirements being placed on office spaces have changed. For a start, today’s modern office needs to be more attractive than the home environment. There needs to be a reason to go there.


Creative productive working environments

Today’s office building needs to be a space that lends itself to collaboration and creativity while also giving people the opportunity to work alone in a productive way when they see fit. 
Using the right building construction materials is critical in achieving these conditions and wood is one of those materials. A modern wood office is a place where the people working in it feel good and work well. 

Making use of natural elements such as wood has been shown to reduce blood pressure and improve productivity in office spaces, according to dozens of different research studies.



But more than that, wood is a low-carbon material that grows back again and again in sustainably grown forests. The emissions from wood construction materials are much lower than traditional construction and building materials such as concrete and steel. 
On top of that, logistics and transport emissions can be reduced considerably when building with a material like wood.


Design opportunities

Wood is both lightweight and flexible giving architects the possibility to create a design exactly to their needs. Massive-engineered wood products such as CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber), Glulam (Glued Laminated Timber) and Rib panels allow for large-scale commercial buildings from wood. 
Employers and building owners that want to provide attractive and sustainable office buildings are choosing wood. It’s a way of retaining key talent and reflecting their brand.


Trondheim - Norway, CLT

Office Perspective Bordeaux, France, CLT

Sherborne Girls School - UK, CLT

in France

International House Sydney
in Australia

in Norway


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29 June 2021