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Tekniska Museet ∣ Main partner: Stora Enso ∣ Video by Focus Format/Blumer Lehamann
Wood City office building with LVL
Take a peek into the construction work of the Wood City office building.
Building sustainably for generations
An ideal way to provide the next generation with a healthy planet is to transform how we build. This video was produced for Stora Enso by BBC StoryWorks, the commercial content division of BBC Global News.
Woodcon - Partner of Stora Enso
Ydalir school and kindergarten in Elverum, Norway, was built by Woodcon using a total of 76m³ LVL by Stora Enso.
Stora Enso’s Helsinki head office projct
Stora Enso’s Helsinki head office project, also called Katajanokan Laituri, is moving forward. The city plan of the wooden building, which will be owned by the Finnish insurance company Varma, was finalised on 24 June 2021.
Woodcon Bodø Stora Enso
Easy-to-build Sylva™ by Stora Enso takes shape with breathtaking results.
Wooden schools
Why it's time to build more wooden schools? Timber schools can boost children's wellbeing. It's time we built more of them.
Wisdome Stockholm
Explore the awe-inspiring possibil-trees of wood construction (Swedish with English subtitles)
Supercell's head office in Wood City
See how Supercell's future head office in Wood City, Helsinki, is rising to new heights with LVL by Stora Enso.