The World of Volvo - Commercial - Gothenburg, Sweden

The World of Volvo

Gothenburg, Sweden, Map
Under construction
Partner of Stora Enso

Welcome to the World of Volvo! An inspirational interactive space designed for exhibitions, talks, performances, workshops, entertainment, and dining in the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden. The existing Volvo museum in Arendal will also be reconfigured and become part of the facility when they open their doors in 2024.

The five-story, 22 000 m³ space will be constructed in just two years, with doors set to open in early 2024.

Scandinavian architects Henning Larsen (Copenhagen Opera House) already has jaws dropping with their 16 m floor-to-ceiling glass walls and exposed wood on the grounds of Saab's old gearbox factory.

The biophilic design is inspired by the surrounding nature and is characterized by large sustainable glued-laminated (GLT/glulam) timber frames supplied by WiEHAG. Computer-controlled fabrication facilitated the curved GLT pieces to be cut with a high degree of precision. Rigidity and continuity in the structure are guaranteed with metal connectors that are not visible inside the wooden members. The floor slabs are constructed of Stora Enso's sustainable cross-laminated timber (CLT), inviting warmth as you enter the space.

The ambition is that the building emulates a giant tree growing out of rocks. ‘Since it will be shaped like a tree, there's not a right angle anywhere, it's quite outstanding’, says Thomas Thompson, Project Manager for the building construction.

Sustainability is a central factor for building the World of Volvo; not only is it built with sustainable CLT by Stora Enso and GLT by WiEHAG. The entire complex will be certified with both LEED Gold, based on the building's environmental impact. It will also be certified as WELL Gold, for the building’s social sustainability because the World of Volvo is designed around the Swedish concept of allemansrätten principles. The fundamental right that all citizens share to nature: the right to roam freely on any land (public or private), showing consideration for nature and for others.

Area (m²) 22000
Products Sylva™ CLT Floors and Roofs, Sylva™ CLT Walls
Services Sylva360
Product quality INV
Product volume (m³) 2 578
Number of truck deliveries 52
Partner of Stora Enso WIEHAG
Developer AB Volvo
Architect Henning Larsen
Structural Engineer Optima Engineering
MEP Designer Ingenjörsbyrån Andersson & Hultmark
Main contractor Billström Riemer Andersson (BRA Group)
Construction duration (months) 24