Healthy homes in modern wood buildings

Sustainable housing is about more than living in a low-carbon home. It’s about feeling good and sleeping well in a pleasant environment.
Modern wood architecture lets designers do both.

Biophilic design

The research is growing and it’s all pointing in the same direction: using natural elements like wood in residential buildings improves the well-being, sleeping patterns and health of those inside. This is part of the overall biophilic design concept of connecting the individual to the natural environment. Using natural materials is an important part of that and has been shown to create peace of mind amongst occupants.



But wood is also a low-carbon material: much lower than traditional materials like concrete and steel. It’s also renewable. In other words, it grows back again and again in sustainably grown forests.


Efficient construction

Using massive-engineered wood elements like CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) or LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber), lets builders and developers prepare sections of a CLT building off-site to minimise transport, time and logistics on-site. If you want to erect a residential building in a busy city centre, then use wood as your major building and construction material and significantly reduce the time required on-site and minimise disruption.


Our Concept

At Stora Enso, we have been a leader in innovative wood products and have supplied massive wood to hundreds of successful tall wood projects across Europe. See some of our examples in our Reference Library
Multi-storey CLT buildings are high-performing structures that can create modern wood homes for its occupants and at the same time meet the growing demand for new urban and sustainable buildings.
Our concept is a unique design manual that explains everything you need to know about using massive wood in taller structures. Find out more about our Multi-storey residential building concept by Stora Enso and begin your journey to sustainable, modern, efficient homes.


Trondheim - Norway, CLT

Office Perspective Bordeaux, France, CLT

Sherborne Girls School - UK, CLT

Geologen Trummens Strand 
in Sweden

Ellerslie Road
in United Kingdom

in Norway


28 June 2021