Parish Center

Oberhaching, Germany, Map

In the parish center Oberhaching 350 m³ CLT by Stora Enso have been used. The ceiling above the ground floor is in large part a point-supported flat roof ceiling with CLT panels of thickness 296 mm and the maximum width of 2 950 mm. In addition to the static requirements and the needed manufacturing preciseness the surfaces were a challenge at this project. In addition to all wood surfaces the narrow edges of CLT had to remain visible. The entire structure reaches without any special protection a fire resistance of 30 min.

Office Building Concept by Stora Enso
The office buildings of the future are made of wood.
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Area (m²) 300
Storeys 1
Products CLT
Product quality Visible quality (VI)
Product volume (m³) 350
Architect DEPPISCH Architekten
Specialist Timber Contractor Grossmann Bau GmbH & Co KG