Euratech Capgemini

Lille, France, Map
Partner of Stora Enso
Creation Bois
BEPOS certification
BEPOS certification

Comprising 4 full timber storey on 5, this tertiary programme offers an original architecture, combining wood and brick and ensuring the unity and history of this part of the city. The building is Bepos certified: Positive Energy. The floors are made with CLT by Stora Enso with visible ceiling to provide a good atmosphere of work. The structure is made with glulam posts and beams. The envelop of the building is made with wooden frame elements with 200 mm of insulation and it was entirely prefabricated in warehouse of Création Bois Construction. External windows are also in made in massive wood with 2 or 3 layers of glass.

Office Building Concept by Stora Enso
The office buildings of the future are made of wood.
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Area (m²) 8500
Storeys 5
Products CLT
Product quality Industrial visible quality (INV), Non visible quality (NVI)
Product volume (m³) 732
Number of truck deliveries 22
Partner of Stora Enso Creation Bois
Developer Tereneo
Architect Béal-Blanckaert Architectes
Structural Engineer Ingébois
Specialist Timber Contractor Création Bois Construction