Social Center of Espejo - Commercial - Espejo, Spain

Social Center of Espejo

Espejo, Spain, Map
Partner of Stora Enso

This project is the perfect example of fast and efficient design and construction. Built by our partner Madergia, in order to receive grants and funding this project had a total design and build period of only 8 months. Such a tight deadline meant prefabrication was the only possible route, an innovative solutions were created to take this to the minimal build time possible, with multiple design teams working simultaneously. A galvanized steel frame for the foundation was used, pinned to pad stones to avoid the long waiting time of a concrete slab to cure. The CLT and glulam timber superstructure was erected in just 4 days, and the services were installed within the outer building envelope other than ventilation. This allowed the services installation and internal finishing to be completed at the same time. The external façade is fire treated Accoya system, and the external skin and opening design allowed high thermal performance and excellent energy efficiency.

The 12m x 23.5m building is centered around a large multi purpose function hall, with lots of openings for light, and is carefully designed for passive thermal difference throughout the space, by arranging openings to be mainly south facing. The large openings are possible due to the large glulam ribs, which also function as parasols.

Watch here the timelapse video of the project Social Center of Espejo.
Area (m²) 282
Storeys 1
Products Sylva™ CLT Floors and Roofs, Sylva™ CLT Rib Floors, KVH® (Konstruktionsvollholz/Structural timber)
Product quality Non visible quality (NVI)
Product volume (m³) 130
Number of truck deliveries 3
Partner of Stora Enso Madergia
Developer Arabako Lanak
Architect Nerea Otaduy and Ricardo Aristizabal
Main contractor Eraikuntza Birgaikuntza Artapena
Specialist Timber Subcontractor Madergia
Construction duration (months) 2
Timber superstructure erection duration (weeks) 1