Eco Pavilion, Nordic World Ski Championships - Commercial - Seefeld, Austria

Eco Pavilion, Nordic World Ski Championships

Seefeld, Austria, Map

Shortly before the 52nd FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 2019, the host municipality of Seefeld in Tyrol, Austria in cooperation with Stora Enso, the main sponsor of the major sporting event, built an exhibition and event building (Eco Pavilion), in which information about timber construction products and sustainable construction was provided during the World Championships.

About three months before the start of the event, the existing building was demolished and then replaced in no time at all by this modern wooden building.

After the World Championships, the building was converted and handed back over to the community. Since then, it has been available to local residents as a tennis club.

On the upper floor, changing rooms and washrooms have been set up for the athletes in the lower area there is a restaurant area. The local tennis club moved into the newly constructed building at the beginning of May 2019.

The building serves as a pilot project for the future of building management in timber construction: By means of sensors in and on the building, it is possible to measure the immediate conditions of the building in terms of humidity, interior pressure, temperature and CO₂ emissions.

Also worth mentioning is the use of different wood-based materials: cross-laminated timber, laminated veneer lumber, wood shingles, thermowood, etc. The variety of possible applications, from wood-based materials to the artistic processing of the acoustic ceiling, can be experienced in a building.

(Text: from the Architects)

Area (m²) 167
Storeys 2
Products Sylva™ CLT Floors and Roofs, Sylva™ LVL Beams and Columns
Product quality CLT 127 m³, LVL 23 m³, Thermowood 4 m³
Product volume (m³) 127
Construction duration (months) 3