ARV8 - Multi Residential - Madrid, Spain


Madrid, Spain, Map
Multi Residential
Partner of Stora Enso

Antonio Rodriguez Villa 8, ARV8 is one of the tallest building in mass timber in Madrid. The timber used as structure, also help minimizing energy consumption. To achieve this goal, a system of envelopes covers the structure outside with prefabricated insulation panels up to 18 cm thick and leaves the CLT by Stora Enso exposed inside. Prefabrication and innovation become leitmotif of the construction.

Residential Multi-storey Building Concept by Stora Enso
Multi-storey buildings in massive wood are high-performing, renewable structures that can help to meet the growing demand for new urban buildings and more efficient, sustainable construction.
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Area (m²) 800
Storeys 5
Units 4
Products Sylva™ CLT Floors and Roofs, Sylva™ CLT Walls
Product quality Non visible quality (NVI)
Product volume (m³) 300
Product delivery duration (weeks) 2
Number of truck deliveries 6
Partner of Stora Enso Madergia
Architect Abaton
Specialist Timber Subcontractor Madergia