Single Family House Moerwald - 1-2 Family Dwellings - Eichgraben, Austria
Ing. Pöchhacker GmbH

Single Family House Moerwald

Eichgraben, Austria, Map
1-2 Family Dwellings

The theme for this single family house is “Living in the garden”. The entrance and the carport is on the upper floor, the whole living area is located on the ground floor. Through huge glass surfaces in the living area, a direct connection to the garden is established. Stora Enso CLT was used as building material for this project. The surface of all ceilings is visible and varnished in white.

Storeys 2
Units 1
Products Sylva™ CLT Floors and Roofs
Product quality Visible quality (VI)
Product volume (m³) 60
Architect BM. Ing. Stefan Huber
Main contractor Ing. Pöchhacker GmbH