Building Concepts by Stora Enso

Over the last 20 years, a revolution has been taking place within the construction industry. Massive-engineered wood elements like CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) and LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber), are allowing us to build higher and larger than ever before. After over one hundred years with concrete and steel, wood is back in town.

Sustainable buildings

Those traditional materials like concrete and steel have a much higher carbon footprint than wood. Given the urgent efforts to mitigate climate change, developers and designers are now turning to massive-engineered wood more and more as the primary building construction material. 
Wood offers exciting new opportunities in design. It is also proven to improve well-being for those working and living in wooden buildings.


Concepts for building in wood

To help anyone interested in understanding more about how to build in wood and create successful CLT buildings, we have developed a series of concept manuals for offices, residential multi-storey buildings and schools. 
The building concepts by Stora Enso have been developed with recognised third parties to give a full overview of how to go about a large wooden building project. They look at architectural considerations as well as the structural engineering perspective. Acoustics, fire, heating, ventilation and cooling as well as the economics of building in wood are all dealt with.

Find out more and see how to make your next project with a sustainable, low-carbon, feelgood material.

Trondheim - Norway, CLT

Office Perspective Bordeaux, France, CLT

Sherborne Girls School - UK, CLT

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Office buildings:
Renewable office spaces that
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Flexible design for healthy
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30 June 2021