Shelves Houses

Madrid, Spain
Under construction
Partner of Stora Enso

Very unique wooden residential building, designed as shelves using CLT and Glulam by Stora Enso elements from ground to roof. A collection of 9 luxury apartments, with open external facades that flood the spaces with light.

Residential Multi-storey Building Concept by Stora Enso
Multi-storey buildings in massive wood are high-performing, renewable structures that can help to meet the growing demand for new urban buildings and more efficient, sustainable construction.
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Area (m²) 900
Storeys 3
Units 9
Products CLT
Product quality Non visible quality (NVI), Industrial visible quality (INV)
Product volume (m³) 225
Product delivery duration (weeks) 4
Number of truck deliveries 5
Partner of Stora Enso Madergia
Architect Suma Arquitectura
Main contractor Fatecsa Obras
Specialist Timber Contractor Madergia