Ustra Residential Estate - Multi Family - Hannover, Germany

Ustra Residential Estate

Hannover, Germany, Map
Multi Family

The distribution facility of the Hanover public utility company, Üstra, in Germany is building a residential estate made up of 139 solid wood construction rental apartments and a nursery school on a former tram depot site. Six 5-storey tower blocks and three 3- to 4-storey terraced buildings were built using 5 400 m³ of CLT by Stora Enso. Thanks to this project, 5 700 tons of carbon dioxide can be saved or stored by the wood – that’s the equivalent of 40 million car kilometres. Completion is planned for October 2019.

Residential Multi-storey Building Concept by Stora Enso
Multi-storey buildings in massive wood are high-performing, renewable structures that can help to meet the growing demand for new urban buildings and more efficient, sustainable construction.
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Area (m²) 0
Storeys 5
Units 139
Products Sylva™ CLT Floors and Roofs, Sylva™ CLT Walls
Product volume (m³) 5 400
Architect IK architekten bda
Specialist Timber Contractor Brüggemann Holzbau GmbH & Co. KG