Housing over parking area Dantebad - Flats - Munich, Germany
Roland Weegen

Housing over parking area Dantebad

Munich, Germany, Map

Especially near city centres, above-ground parking facilities take up a lot of space – that could be put to better use. The CLT Dantebad project in Munich was erected above the parking area of a public bathing facility. Using timber engineering, a new social housing complex was designed to cover the 4 200 m² area. 100 new flats were built, including 86 one-room flats and 14 with two and a half rooms. The project integrating 1 000 m³ of CLT by Stora Enso was completed and ready for occupancy at the beginning of the year.

Residential Multi-storey Building Concept by Stora Enso
Multi-storey buildings in massive wood are high-performing, renewable structures that can help to meet the growing demand for new urban buildings and more efficient, sustainable construction.
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Area (m²) 4200
Storeys 5
Units 100
Products CLT
Product volume (m³) 1 000
Architect Florian Nagler
Main contractor B&O
Specialist Timber Contractor Huber & Sohn