School Extension, Pfarrwerfen - Education - Pfarrwerfen, Austria
Architekt DI Mitterberger Gerhard ZTgmbH/ Photo:Bildermehr

School Extension, Pfarrwerfen

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Under construction

In the state of Salzburg, Pfarrwerfen is one of the fastest-growing populations in Austria. To keep up the growing number of youngsters they need more space in their 1969 schoolhouse —quickly, sustainably and on budget.

The community of Pfarrwerfen considered demolishing the existing building and rebuilding new -often the fastest and cheapest way to go. But they consciously chose to use the existing fabric and remodel it instead. This saved over three million in valuable construction funds, truckloads of unnecessary waste, and climate-damaging emissions.

Kids returning to school this Fall can look forward to modern, flexible learning rooms. Teachers can expect up-to-date learning equipment with digital options and plenty of spacious outdoor areas that can be used for either lessons or breaks. And everyone, including parents and the entire community, can enjoy the gymnasium space for larger gatherings and events.

All of this was made possible in part thanks to Sylva™ by Stora Enso a highly durable and climate-friendly building material. The decision to use solid wood was many between the municipality in consultation with the architect. A driving factor was to have excellent indoor air quality. Children and teachers spend most of their day indoors, the air quality can have a huge impact on developing lungs and health. Additional health and wellness benefits of using Sylva include lower heart rates, better concentration, fewer sick days and improved social interactions.

So far, the community is feeling very positive about their new school. Check back in the Fall to find out more about this tremendous investment for many generations to come.

You can follow the developments on this webcam:

Area (m²) 1000
Storeys 2
Products Sylva™ CLT Floors and Roofs, Sylva™ CLT Stairs
Product quality VI, NVI
Product volume (m³) 30
Product delivery duration (weeks) 1
Number of truck deliveries 3
Developer Municipality of Pfarrwerfen
Main contractor DMH
Specialist Timber Contractor INNOVAHOLZ GmbH
Total construction development duration (months) 17