Building Concepts by Stora Enso

Fully open Building Concepts with tools and manuals

Aiming to be the leading building solutions provider in wood construction

Stora Enso promotes open Building Concepts based on various building components and products like CLT and LVL. The building concepts are driven by a cost competitive analysis that is carried out together with our customers and specifiers in key markets. We develop all our Building Concepts together with a recognized 3rd party, well known by customers or specifier.
Building Concepts by Stora Enso leads the way in the wood industry by linking architectural guidelines to building systems. This allows the specifier to better understand how to build with wood and find options feasible for wood construction.


Trondheim - Norway, CLT

Office Perspective Bordeaux, France, CLT

Sherborne Girls School - UK, CLT

Residential multi-storey:
High-performing sustainable multi-storey buildings.

Our multi-storey buildings.

Office buildings:
Renewable office spaces that enhance wellbeing.

Our office buildings.

Flexible design for healthy learning environments.

Our educational buildings.


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16 March 2021